Oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OscPEP) using the Flutter® / Turboforte / Pari O-PEP or PEPE in children

What is the technique?

The Flutter®, Turboforte / Pari O-PEP and PEPE are small hand held device used for airway clearance. Treatment with these devices includes positive expiratory pressure and vibrations to help loosen the phlegm from the lungs. The devices consist of a mouthpiece, a stainless steel ball, a cone that holds the ball and a perforated cap.

Prescription of the technique?

OscPEP using the Flutter®, Turboforte / Pari O-PEP and PEPE devices has been described in the adult section – OscPEP using a Flutter®

Key points for Paediatrics

It can be difficult for young patients to hold at a specific angle for any length of time (Fig 1).

Paeds - flutter

Fig. 1 Child holding a Flutter® device

For information on where to purchase these devices in Australia and New Zealand, see the Resources section.