The Aerobika device utilises oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) within the lungs to assist with loosening and removing mucus from the airways.

For information on where to purchase the device – see the Resources section.

It is generally performed in sitting (Fig. 1)

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Fig. 1 Child using the Aerobika in sitting

Prescription of the Aerobika™:

A mouthpiece is generally used with this device but a mask can be attached if required

The appropriate resistor setting is prescribed by observing the child during an active expiration

To assist with prescribing the resistor setting, and to provide visual feedback, a manometer may be attached (Fig.2)

Initially allow the child to blow for 5-10 breaths as able

Once the child has mastered the blowing, a more formal number of sets can be instructed

Incorporate huffing and coughing into the session

If required, a nebuliser may be attached to this device to combine OPEP with nebuliser therapy



Website - Paediatrics Aerobika with manometer

Fig. 2 Child using the Aerobika with a manometer attached

Key points for Paediatrics:

The Aerobika is easy to hold and not position dependent

The Aerobika combined with the Aeroeclipse nebuliser is an effective way of incorporating isotonic or hypertonic saline with PEP therapy (Fig. 3)

Aerobika with Compressor_0








Fig. 3 The Aerobika combined with the Aeroeclipse nebuliser


There is currently minimal evidence for use of the Aerobika

A video and further information of how to use the Aerobika can be found in the adult section.