Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OscPEP) using the Acapella® in children

What is the technique?

This technique is described in the adult section – Oscillating positive pressure therapy using the Acapella®

Prescription of the Acapella® in Paediatrics

A mouthpiece or a mask can be used with this device

Initially the dial is set at a low resistance (number 1 or 2) and then slowly increased as necessary

Initially one may let the toddler or child blow for 5 to 10 times or more as able.  Once the child has mastered the blowing, a more formal number of breaths and sets can be instructed

Ideally, following “mucus loosening” tidal breaths, the last breath of each cycle should be a deeper and faster “mucus clearing” breath with higher volume and faster flow

Incorporate huffing and coughing into the session (see paediatric FET section)

Acapella - girlAcapella - boy







Evidence for the clinical application of the Acapella®

There is limited evidence regarding the use of the Acapella® in short term or long term studies. More recently, a study has shown that the resistor set at 4 is an optimal setting for secretion mobilisation as it has a similar beat frequency to the cilia (Mueller et al 2014).

For information on where to purchase this device in Australia and New Zealand – see the Resources section.