Purchasing equipment – Australia

Technipro PulmoMed

Pari Boy Classic compressor

Pari e-Flow Rapid

Pari Sinus

Pari LC Sprint / Pari LC Sprint Star / Pari LC Plus

Pari PEP / Pari PEP S

Pari O-PEP

Astra PEP mask and resistors

Astra PEP pressure guage

Smiths Medical

Acapella – Blue, Green, Choice, Duet


Philips Respironics

 InnoSpire Deluxe nebuliser

InnoSpire Go available from Sleep Easy


NebulAir nebuliser

RespirAir nebuliser

Smarty nebuliser

OptiChamber Diamond: Spacer

Personal Best: Peak flow meter

Threshold IMT: Inspiratory muscle trainer

Threshold PEP: Positive Expiratory Pressure device


TheraBubble PEP device

TheraBubble retail price list Oct 2017

Air Liquide Healthcare

Aerobika Oscillating PEP therapy system

Aerobika online order and prices

Aerobika order form

Bird Healthcare

e-Chamber nebuliser

e-chamber nebuliser accessories

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare


Airvo Hire form

MyAIRVO price list 2017

Natural Lung Physio

PEPE oscillating positive pressure device


Afflovest Australia

Afflovest – HFCWO

Purchasing equipment – New Zealand

Air Liquide Australia

Aerobika (order through Australian website)

Air Liquide New Zealand


EBOS Healthcare NZ

Pari PEP S

Pari Boy SX Compressor

Pari eFlow Rapid

Pari LC Sprint Nebuliser

Pari LC Sprint Baby Nebuliser

Pari LC Sprint Star Nebuliser

Pari Sinus Compressor

Pari LC Sprint Sinus Nebuliser

Pari Boy Mobile S

Pari Manometer

Hudson Micro Mist Nebuliser

Culpan Medical

Astra PEP

Hill-ROM Australia and NZ

The Vest

Smiths Medical Australasia

Acapella Choice

Acapella Duet

Thera PEP

Purchasing equipment -USA


SmartVest – Airway Clearance System