FACED score

The FACED score is an assessment of severity tool, validated for people with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis.

This tool, which is easy to use and to interpret, assists with the assessment of morbidity and mortality of people with bronchiectasis by embracing the various clinical, functional, radiological and microbiological aspects characteristic of the disease (MartinezGarcia MA et al 2014).

Identification of high risk patients may be a very valuable to guide clinical decision making, such as the frequency and intensity of follow-up and the use of chronic antibiotic therapy.

The FACED score and the Bronchiectasis Severity Index were compared in The Open Respiratory Medicine Journal: “Assessment of the Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis Severity: The FACED Score vs the Bronchiectasis Severity Index”. The authors found similar results regarding the assessment of severity of disease for both tools.

The FACED score consists of five dichotomised variables:

F – FEV1 (> 50% = 0 points, ≤ 50% = 2 points)

A – Age (≤ 70 years = 0 points, > 70 years = 2 points)

C – Chronic colonisation (no Pseudomonas = 0 points, presence of Pseudomonas = 1 point)

E – Extension (< 2 lobes affected = 0 points, ≥ 2 lobes affected= 1 point)

D – Dyspnoea (no dyspnoea = 0 points, ≥ 2 on Medical Research Council scale = 1 point)


0-2 points       Mild bronchiectasis

3-4 points       Moderate bronchiectasis

5-7 points       Severe bronchiectasis