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Caroline Nicolson

Honorary Research Fellow, Respiratory Medicine, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne


Dr Annemarie Lee

Lecturer, La Trobe University, Melbourne

Contributors to the website content:

Prof Jennifer Alison – Professor of Respiratory Physiotherapy, The University of Sydney

Lenore Block – Physiotherapist, Alice Springs Hospital

Janet Bondarenko – Physiotherapist, The Alfred Hospital

Ms Brigitte Borg – Deputy Head, Physiology Service, The Alfred Hospital

Assoc Prof Brenda Button – Senior Physiotherapist, The Alfred Hospital

Assoc Prof Cass Byrnes, Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, Starship Childrens Health

Dr Michelle Caldecott – Respiratory Physician, Epworth Hospital

Hannah Carroll – Physiotherapist, Alice Springs Hospital

Terry Chan – Physiotherapist, The Alfred Hospital

Prof Anne Chang – Paediatrician, Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

Dr Narelle Cox, Senior Physiotherapist, The Alfred Hospital

Dr Sam Ellis – Radiologist, The Alfred Hospital

Suzanne Harwood – Respiratory Clinical Nurse, Dept Health, Darwin

Dr Subash Heraganahally – Director, Royal Darwin Hospital

Prof Anne Holland – Professor of Physiotherapy, LaTrobe University and Alfred Health

Dr Sandra Hotu – Respiratory Physician, Auckland City Hospital

Dr Dan Judge – Respiratory Physician, Cairns Hospital

Dr Gabrielle McCallum – Clinical Research Nurse, Menzies School of Health Research

Dr Marcus McMahon – Respiratory Physician, Epworth Hospital

Jean Murphy – Clinical Nurse, Royal Darwin Hospital

Dr Louisa Owens – Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, Sydney Children’s Hospital

Assoc Prof Shane Patman – Specialist Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist, University of Notre Dame Australia

Dr Stephanie Reilly – Intern, The Alfred Hospital

Dr Phil Robinson – Paediatric Respiratory Physician, Royal Children’s Hospital

Rebecca Scoones – Staff Physiotherapist, Starship Childrens Health

Dr Lissa Spencer – Senior Physiotherapist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Assoc Prof Robert Stirling – Respiratory Physician, The Alfred Hospital

Katherine Sutherland – Senior physiotherapist, Lambeth Health, London

Esta-Lee Tannenbaum – Senior Physiotherapist, Royal Children’s Hospital

Kerry Taylor – Senior Research Fellow, Poche Centre for Indigenous health

Dr Audrey Tierney – Senior Respiratory Dietitian, The Alfred Hospital

Erik Tikoft – Respiratory Clinical Nurse, Alice Springs Hospital

Christine Wilson – Senior Physiotherapist, Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

Resources provided by:

Stuart Cox – web design

Digital Image – videos and graphics

Indigenous Respiratory Outreach Care (IROC) Program – videos and posters

Ivy Creative – graphic material

Dr Andrew Lin – CliniCloud

Menzies School of Health Research – videos, flip charts and posters

National Asthma Council Australia – medication videos

Dr Renate Wagner, Francesca Dudley, Esther Belmonte, Korinna McRobert – language translations

Tim Clark – script writer